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Traveling With Pets

Traveling with pets requires extra planning and attention to detail.
The guidelines below apply to most airlines, but it's important to contact the airline directly by telephone to confirm details for any trip involving travel with pets. Here's a list of telephone numbers for major airlines: Airline Toll Free Phone Numbers

If you are transporting a pet outside the United States you need to be familiar the destination countries entry requirements for animals. Here's a list of Embassy Offices.

Carry-on pets in the cabin

Most airlines accept cats, small dogs and household birds for travel in the cabin on domestic flights. Cabin pets are not normally accepted on Transatlantic, Transpacific, Central or South American flights. Certified service animals that assist customers with disabilities and search animals are permitted for carry-on except for travel to the United Kingdom.
Pets checked as baggage

Most airlines allow dogs, cats, household birds, and pot-bellied pigs to be checked as baggage. Some airlines have restrictions during the summer months to protect the animals from heat. 

Live animals transported as checked baggage on International flights are subject to government entry regulations. There are specific requirements concerning health documents, export papers, etc., for each country.
For more specific details on your destination country, call the Airline Toll Free Phone Number or check with the countries Embassy Offices.
Other animals/species must be transported by Air Cargo or Priority Parcel.
Health requirements

All pets should have proper health documents for their final destination. Health certificates are normally required. It's important to obtain the proper documents and contact state veterinary or animal health commissions for requirements, to avoid problems at your destination.
Animal Carriers

Most airlines sell carry-on small animal carriers and various sized pet carriers for use as checked baggage.