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Traveling With Children

Traveling with infants and children requires a little extra planning and attention to detail. 
The guidelines below apply to most airlines, but it's important to contact the airline directly by telephone to confirm details for any trip involving infants and children. Telephone numbers for major airlines: Airline Toll Free Phone Numbers


One child under 24 months of age may travel free domestically when accompanied by an adult, provided a seat is not reserved for the child. When travel is international, one child may travel free or be subject to a discounted fare depending on the international point. If the flight on which you are traveling is not full, your child may use an adjacent empty seat.
One adult customer traveling with more than one infant must purchase an adjacent seat for each additional child, at the applicable child's fare. These children must be properly secured in their seats. One must be at least 15 years old to hold an infant as a lap child.

Bassinets and Baby Seats

Approved infant car seats may be used on board the aircraft when a cabin seat has been booked for your infant. They should conform to all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. If manufactured after 1984, it should also be certified for use in aircraft. These car seats may be occupied for takeoff, landing and during turbulence.

Bassinets are usually provided, free of charge, on all international flights. When making your reservations, you may request a seat in an appropriate location for bassinet usage. These bassinets are large enough to hold a child up to about 6 months old. They may not be used for takeoff, landing or any time the fasten seat belt sign is illuminated.

Special Meals

Special meals may be ordered through reservations a minimum of 24 hours before departure. 

Takeoff and Landing

On takeoff and landing, it is a good idea to give your child something to eat or drink. This helps alleviate any ear pain caused by the pressure as the cabin adjusts to the altitude.

The Federal Aviation AdminiStration has determined that seats which are directly adjacent to exits should be restricted from occupancy to customers traveling with infants. Additionally, only one infant per row on either side of the plane is acceptable due to the availability of oxygen masks.

Unaccompanied Minors

Children ages 5 through 11 who are traveling alone are considered unaccompanied minors. Unaccompanied children from 5 through 7 years of age are usually accepted for travel on nonstop flights only. They must be brought to the departure airport by a parent or responsible adult who will remain until the child is boarded and the aircraft pushes back (away) from the gate. This individual will also be required to furnish evidence that the child will be met by another parent or responsible adult at their destination. Children 8 through 11 years of age are accepted for transportation entirely on United, or including travel involving other airlines.

Most airlines charge a handling fee for unaccompanied minors.

All airlines require information about those who are going to meet them at their destination. 
You will need to complete Unaccompanied Minor Form.
It's important you advise your child to stay on board the flight until he/she is taken by a flight attendant to the customer service representative.

Again, it's important to contact the airline directly by telephone to confirm details for any trip involving infants and children.

Here's a list of telephone numbers for major airlines: Airline Toll Free Phone Numbers